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  1. Savy Kapoor says:

    pusheen cat and angry birds

  2. Parsa Fallahi says:

    I’d like to upload this image 1080×1920

  3. Joshua Reyes says:

    Guys can you upload more black wallpapers like this one https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bac271c99bcfaa53d595442d0ea7a2774976ca2df7cabcfbb87dd70c3d15b46d.jpg , thanks, also amazing work for these walpapers..

  4. Maxenne Cabezas says:

    Can you make this for Macbook? Thank you :* AND MORE WALLPAPERS ABOUT GOBLIN TT https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b5af2eb6c5b5e987e117db1e807f318162dccd1a54c344b77f8b7ecaa5b9477d.jpg

  5. Rhaegar says:

    House Lannister

  6. Shyam says:

    Please guys can you make wallpapers of Naruto and the other characters from Naruto the anime . Am sure many would like it.

  7. Ajay K V Baz says:

    More arsenal wallpapers please

  8. Bigfoot Valley says:

    Need more comic/cartoon wallpapers of superheroes and supervillains like Skeletor, Hordak, He-Man, Spiderman, Galactus, Silversurfer, Red Skull, Street Fighter characters etc. Thanks.

  9. Dub/Rap says:

    Fix the problem that happens when you go to the second page of any of your websites and it reverts to photos posted months ago, and not the actual second page.

  10. Dub/Rap says:

    Can you fix the following please: going to the second page of any of your websites results in showing wallpapers posted at least a month ago, if not longer. Thank you

  11. Vishal Kumar says:

    Katherine langford please

  12. Faisal Khan says:

    Psychedelic wallpapers plz

  13. Ajay K V Baz says:

    More Arsenal fc photos please

  14. Maanas says:

    One with my name please. My name: Maanas

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